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Absolutely new!!!
#danceeverywhere with VarioSpin

#danceeverywhere is the new dance trend

Dancing no longer takes place exclusively on parquet dance floors and dancers all over the world are constantly reinterpreting our wonderful sport. The choice of venue, and thus the floor, is increasingly changing. How would you like to dance tomorrow?

  • A passionate tango outside on the cobblestones at sunset?

  • A spirited salsa in your favorite club on marble or concrete floors?

  • A fun line or swing dance in your dance circle on plastic or indoor floors?

  • A fast Discofox or slow Waltz in your dance school?

  • Or would you like to repeat the steps from the dance school with your dance partner on your carpet at home?

With VarioSpin® dance shoes from Diamant® you determine the dance and the place!

What are the advantages of VarioSpin® dance shoes?
  • Gliding and spinning on parquet or wood, carpet, plastic or stone

  • Free choice of dance style and location at any time

  • Does not cause black streaks on dance or hall floors

  • Innovation & manufacturing   Made in Germany

$ 128 
$ 131

$ 150

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VarioPro® HYBRID
(Microfiber + VarioSpin®-Sole)

You have a floor with very different surfaces but you don't want to miss the usual soft feeling on the inner and outer edges and on the toe area? All dance shoes marked "Hybrid" combine the advantages of both sole materials: the pressure-sensitive VarioSpin® sole material is used in the inner part of the outsole, in the area of the football (as well as in the center of the heel in men's and women's trainer dance shoes). This ensures more grip (especially on slippery dance floors) during jumps, fast step sequences and figures. The pressure-sensitive center of the outsole is edged with microfiber to give dancers the necessary feel and softness when guiding the toe and/or edges of the sole across the dance floor.
VarioSpin Hybrid.png
$ 150
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